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The Consciousness of Righteousness

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SAVED! What Happens When You Are Born Again

Thank You Jesus, you've just gotten saved!  But what actually happened to you? Did anything biologically change or was it all a spiritual thing? Does it mean that now you have to be an Angel? What if you sin again? 

All of Your Questions Answered!

In his typical down-to-earth manner, Pastor Joseph Edhuine helps you clearly understand all of those questions and more. 

From Regeneration to Glorification

Saved!  takes you on a step-by-step journey through every stage of the salvation process. 

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“The Consciousness of Righteousness: How to Release God’s Power Within You!” is now available in a French Edition. 

Get, “L’être « Juste » en conscience Comment libérer la Puissance divine en votre for intérieur ! » 

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You are the Holy Righteousness of God!

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About The Author

Who is Joseph Edhuine? 

About The Author

What is the Consciousness of Righteousness?

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You Are Free Indeed!


Living a Sin-Centered Consciousness

Millions of God fearing, Christ loving Christians live a life plagued with stress, struggle and strife, rather than the peace, harmony and success offered to all who accept the glorious gift of salvation. The traditional approach to rectify this for the average Christian is to pray more and study more in an effort to avoid sin, attacks of the enemy, health problems, financial struggles, distress and basically everything that is not of the Spirit of God. Most Christians suffer in silence, rather than live free.    


The Truth

But the truth is that he who the Son of Man has made free ...is free indeed!  

                                                        ---John 8:36 

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