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A Great Book!

This a great book, written so that any one can easily understand the life changing information within!   

                           ---Judy Booth

This Book Has Opened My Eyes

Pastor Joseph has unlocked the key to being a child of God.  We are forever righteous before God by accepting his Son as our Lord and Savior.  This book has opened my eyes to the countless scriptures that talk about righteousness before God which I never fully understood.  Now I am on fire from this book because I now have an idea what being righteous before God truly means.  What I love about Joseph and his book is that everything comes from the Bible in black and white. There is no gray area.  Before Our Father we are blameless and sinless just as Christ was. Wow!!! what a revelation. Thank You Joseph for opening my eyes to this wonderful revelation through the Holy Spirit. I recommend this book to any believing Christian who loves Our Lord, and who truly wants to be part of this family.  

          --- Dominick Occhiato 

I Was Constantly Trying To Earn My Righteousness

This writer calls me righteous???

Well he obviously does not know where I have been, what I have seen and done. I did not believe prior to reading this book with its bible verses that even I could be seen as righteous in God's eyes. 

I was constantly trying to earn my righteousness by doing more. I must give more, go to the bible study, do more "good deeds" read the bible more often. I felt that in some way I have to earn my righteousness. 

Finally this book with the revelation and understanding of God's true word releases me, freed me to know after being born again who I was and what God given power I possess. This book based on God's word reveals your true net worth, value and connection to God.     A book I wish I would have read many  years ago.

                  ---Mark W. Staggs

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