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Wonderful Revelation

The truth that “we are complete in Christ” requires a revelation from the Holy Spirit which allows one to “see” this wonderful reality. The apostle Paul speaks of “true knowledge” which he experienced as knowledge which came through revelation. As you read, prayerfully ask God for revelation to flood your heart and soul of ALL that Christ has provided for you at Calvary. May your heart burn with the fire of divine insight as He reveals what can only be grasped by His Spirit. May this book be a tool to help lead you into this wonderful revelation.

----Dr. Mark Virkler

Founder: Communion With God Ministries

Unlock the Power of God

One cannot live long on earth without experiencing pain, sorrows, struggle, and disappointment. Many Christians endure the travails of endurance with renewed faith and prayer for deliverance, but sadly, the inner peace and harmony they crave seems forever out of reach. The traditional response for Christians has been constant rounds of prayer and submissiveness But Joseph Edhuine, preacher and healer, has suggested a more effective approach: The Consciousness of Righteousness. This approach allows believers to channel their pain into a more powerful place and unlock the power of God within them to face life’s difficulties.

The Consciousness of Righteousness is not a new idea, but Edhuine sets out the transformative process in steps so that the follower is inexorably led to the peace and harmony that is the just reward of the righteous. It is highly recommended reading for all who seek answers to the age-old question: ”Why is there suffering in this world, and what can I do to transcend it?”  

---Elaine Deering, PhD. Professor, Lynne University 

Christians Needs to Know

Joseph Edhuine has written an excellent book on a topic that needs to be understood by every Christian. The concept is simple, that we need to rest in what Jesus has done rather than striving to do, but while the idea is simple it can be difficult to walk out. Here is where Joseph's gift of teaching and pastoral guidance comes to the forefront as he not only describes what we need to do, but gives practical steps toward becoming a Christian who understands who they are in Christ. This is an excellent book for new believers, but also for people who are more mature in their faith and want a fresh perspective to look at their walk with Jesus.

---Tom Quaid

Associate Pastor

Vineyard Church of North Phoenix

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