The Consciousness of Righteousness

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The Consciousness of Righteousness - Spanish Translation

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The Consciousness of Righteousness


The Foundation of The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Consciousness of Righteousness is the very foundation, the very essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It i not only the realization, but the actualization that you are no longer the person you were. It is the manifestation of the fact that you are a new creature and all old things are passed away.  

The Consciousness of Righteousness

“The Consciousness of Righteousness: How to Release God’s Power Within You!” directly addresses this all too common problem prevalent in the church today, and many other such issues in the Body of Christ. The issue is that the more the Christian focuses on sin, the enemy and his or her individual performance, the worse the problem becomes. In fact, that very thinking, sin consciousness, is the problem. This, the author knows first-hand, as at one time, he felt the exact same way. That is, until the Lord revealed to him the consciousness of righteousness.  

You Are the Righteousness of God!

When we are born again, we are born into a state of purity, holiness and righteousness. Once born again, we are born the righteousness of the one and only living God. We do not have to earn it or learn it; we simply need to become aware that we already are it.  Christ took care of all blame and all sin, on the Cross. Once the Christian develops a Consciousness of Righteousness, he or she is able live and walk in the glory of God and the inheritance of the Father. 

Your Greatest Spiritual Breakthrough!

This book will mean the greatest spiritual breakthrough of your life as it delivers you step-by-step from sin-consciousness to a righteousness nature!